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Ep. 37: The London System for Club Players

July 10, 2022 Episode 37
The Chess Angle
Ep. 37: The London System for Club Players
Show Notes

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The London System has become one of the most popular openings for White. While it's a staple at amateur events, many top players use it as well, including GMs Magnus Carlsen, Gata Kamsky, Simon Williams, and Anish Giri. The London System is easy to learn, yet very sound and solid. It can lead to slow positional play or dynamic attacking play. The London can be used as a complete opening repertoire for White or as an occasional surprise against an unsuspecting opponent. Regardless, Black can easily get crushed if he's not careful or plays on autopilot. Some of this episode's talking points include the following:

  • "System" openings defined
  • What exactly is the London System?
  • Why the London is so effective at the amateur level
  • Addressing criticism of the London System
  • Basic themes and concepts
  • Comments on the recommended resources below

Recommended Resources:

While I currently recommend the recent De Prado book above as your starting point (as far as physical books), you should be aware of the seminal text Win With the London System by Johnsen & Kovacevic (Amazon), which contains both illustrative games and an in-depth analytical section.

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