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Ep. 40 (S2 Finale): Tournament Strategy feat. GM John Emms

July 31, 2022 Long Island Chess Club Episode 40
The Chess Angle
Ep. 40 (S2 Finale): Tournament Strategy feat. GM John Emms
Show Notes

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Grandmaster John Emms is a distinguished chess professional. He is one of the UK's top players, as well as a prolific writer, educator, and chess coach. The bulk of our conversation focused on his amazing (and highly recommended) book, The Survival Guide to Competitive Chess (Amazon).  Club players and adult improvers of all levels should find our discussion  highly beneficial. John reviews several topics from the book and offers practical strategies for tournament play at the amateur level.

Some of our talking points include:

  • The CEM (check every move) method
  • Avoiding high risk/low reward tactics
  • Bluffing & The Poker Face
  • Converting winning positions
  • Draw offers & "draw by reputation"
  • Choosing an opening repertoire
  • Clock control & time management
  • Long think, wrong think
  • Internet & blitz chess

John's Twitter page: @GMJohnEmms

📚Visit John's Author Page for a full list of titles📚

Selected works by GM John Emms:

  • The Survival Guide to Rook Endings
  • The Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book
  • Starting Out: The Queen's Indian
  • Starting Out: The Sicilian
  • Easy Guide to the Nimzo-Indian
  • Discovering Chess Openings : Building a repertoire from basic principles
  • More Simple Chess: Moving on from the Basic Principles

This episode is our Season 2 Finale. Season 3 begins September 2022. The Amazon links above are affiliate links, which earn us a commission on qualifying purchases. This helps support the podcast at no additional cost to you.

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